Lumix DMC-LX100

This camera has quickly become my everyday side-arm. It's not exactly pocket-friendly, but easily slips into a messenger bag or hangs from a shoulder-friendly strap. A beautiful Micro 4/3 sensor produces crisp, gorgeous images with plenty of dynamic range. The 4k 60p video is crispy and near-pro quality. This isn't a surprise, considering this camera is basically a Lumix GH4 crammed a into smaller body (albeit with some of the bells and whistles stripped away). This camera has reignited my love affair with both film and video if only because it is so easy to always have it on me.

NIkon D750

I had an opportunity to use this at the 2015 College Football Playoff Championship Game when it was newly on the market and was incredibly impressed. This is the first year that it's been a regular tool in my arsenal. I utilize it primarily as a video camera to produce game day featurettes and documentary work. The flat color profiles grade beautifully in post production and 1080 60p recording is essential for stylized slo mo work. It may not shoot 4k, but it's quickly become my flagship everyday shooter.

NIkon D600

We employ this camera as a secondary body and it consistently delivers. Solid build quality and incredible images, there's not much to say about this other than it delivers when you need it to.

NIkon D7000

It's a bit long in the tooth, but is able to produce high-end, professional work when my other two DSLRs aren't available. This was the camera that cemented my love affair with Nikon. I have shot a wide variety of cameras from a wide variety of brands, but the D7000 just feels like home.