Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my formative years watching Darkwing Duck, coloring, and breaking the the first camcorder I ever held.

My bona fides include a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon where I majored in journalism with a focus on electronic media. I'm currently a fifth-year journeyman for the Oregon Ducks where I serve as Creative Services Multimedia Coordinator (a fancy way of saying I do a little of everything.) 

I've sought to learn as much as possible about the fields of graphic design, videography, photography, and web developement while still binging on Netflix and annoying my wife and 3 year-old with bad english accents. I've been fortunate enough to grow up and play every day, and that play has predominantly been in a visual medium of some form. I continue to be a student of my craft and the creative process as a whole.

Someday I will take another fencing class in case I ever travel back in time and am challenged to a duel.